In a world layered with history and technology, a figure is caught in a dynamic leap, hovering momentarily in the void. Their transformation from human to machine is evident in their gleaming, fully robotized head, a marvel of precision engineering. Their mechanical arms, robust and intricate, hint at capabilities far surpassing human norms. Yet, as they move, their stylish baggy coat billows, adding a touch of elegance and humanity to their mechanized form.

On their face display, a happy face flickers, a vestige from an older operating system. This relic recalls to a time when beings known as Cyborgos dominated a luxurious capitalist autonomous floating island. An era of opulence and innovation, tragically cut short when the island met its demise.

Now, in this figure, the past and present converge, telling tales of lost civilizations and the ever-evolving nature of existence.

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